Elegant Beach Decor for Your Coastal Living

 Welcome to Ellie's Collections, Etc.

I am proud to present my line of products, which I started to design since 2006. 

I know, it wasn't the best time to start a business, but I knew deep inside my heart that my line of products

with unique and bold designs can capture hearts of those, who share same passion and love to our Mother 

nature with all that it offers.

I can walk for ours on the beach, look at sunset and sunrise, watch the waves heat the rocks and create

incredible splash. 

Ocean is one of the mysteries wonders of our planet. We will never be able to explore all of it. But what we 

can do is, bring the ocean close to us with decorative Sea Shell Wreaths, Sea Shell Wall Plaques, Sea Shell 

Baskets and Centerpieces, Sea Shell Gel Candles and Garlands, and Paintings to design our walls and 

doors, patios and porches.

My imagination does not have any limitations. I have started my line from gel candles and in ten years I have 

designed different products. I still have new ideas for my next products. But no matter what I create, my  

customers have been my great inspiration.

You can also view my products on following e-commerce channels:

Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/handmade/Ellies-Collections-Etc

Etsy -  https://Elliesdesign69.etsy.com

and eBayhttp://stores.ebay.com/elliescollectionsetc